Planning Guides

Planning Guides


Long Term Plans

The links below provide sample long term plans for the delivery of the Somerset RE syllabus AMV 2016. Of course it is up to each school to decide how they should deliver the syllabus in their own setting.

In these plans it is recommended that children are not asked to compare and contrast practices between faiths until they are secure in their knowledge and understanding of each faith under consideration. Units that ask for this are therefore better left until the faiths concerned have been studied and understood in isolation. This has a bearing on the order in which the units of the syllabus are covered. This process can sometimes be further helped if the material of some units are divided up and covered within other units. KS2 unit 5 “Why are some journeys and places special” might, for instance, be divided between the four units of “what does it mean to belong to a religion?” (AMV units 4, 10, 11, 12). This allows, for example, the central Islamic pillar of Hajj to be studied when exploring what it means to be a Muslim.

The plans also allow schools to allocate more time to the larger units.  This will enable schools to ensure that the new assessment objectives can be taught in sufficient depth and breadth.