Artefact Collections

Artefact Collections


Using artefacts in the classroom can help bring religions to life and help pupils understand much more about the different beliefs and practices of believers. There is no substitute for a visit to a place of worship, but showing children the Hindu gods or a real Muslim prayer mat or Qur’an enables them to gain a keener sense of what is special and sacred to different religious people.

Amongst the artefacts are items to demonstrate religious belief and practice, including Buddhist and Hindu worship, Muslim prayer, signs of Sikh identity and Christian and Jewish festivals.

Teachers of RE in Somerset and North Somerset schools can borrow, free of charge, boxes of artefacts from the following SACRE resource centres.

These contain religious artefacts from the six major faiths represented in Britain today, namely, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

Brent Knoll Primary School    (tel. 01278 760546)
Elmwood Special School, Bridgwater   (tel. 01278 444087)
Fairmead Special School, Yeovil    (tel. 01935 431834)
Kingsmoor Primary School, Bridgwater*  (tel. 01278 683371)
Knights Templar Community School    (tel. 01984 634385)

* Hinduism, Islam and Judaism boxes only.

Other RE resources are available from:

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